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7 in 1 Outdoor Survival Kit Emergency

  • $14.99

Function of each gadget: 

Folding Pliers: With pliers, wire cutter, saw, bottle opener, cross screwdriver, knife and light. 

Aluminum Compass:  Fit for paracord survival bracelet Diy, liquid filled compass for accurate readings. 

Aluminum Carabiner: Made of aluminum alloy, strong, light and never rusted, fully tested locking mechanism, reliable.

Wire saw: Saw blades sharp and smooth, do not hurt hand and  can cut stuff very quickly. 

Emergency whistle: Made of aluminum alloy, durable, perfect pill case for carry small pills, notes, etc, keychain is easily

 attached to your key chains.

Flintstones Fire Starter:Made from magnesium and iron, 1000 times to flint fire. Lightweight, space-saving ad easy to 

carry, flint with scraper. It can be make fire under wet, cold, rain and snow weather make fire in low pressure. 

Credit Card Tool: Credit card sized, easily fits inside your wallet, pocket. 11 functions - Can Opener, Bottle Cap Opener, 

4-Position Wrench, 2-Position Wrench, Butterfly Screw Wrench, Direction Ancillary Wrench, Screwdriver, Knife Edge, 

Saw Blade, Ruler, Key Chain Hole.

What you will get: 

1 X Credit Card Tool 

1 X Multipurpose Pliers 

1 X Fire Starter 

1 X Aluminum Compass 

1 X Wire saw 

1 X survival Whistle 

1 X Carabiner 

1 X Storage Box