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Z10 XML L2 flashlight 5000LM Waterproof

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LED is a new type of lighting products, its small size, power is small, but high brightness
The body of this flashlight is built of high quality aluminum alloy, and it has a very solid construction
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
Focus function that allow the beam can be focused.
LED-life: 100.000 hours
Energy saving :Test 18650 battery 2600mAh Keep Flashlight working for more than 10 hours ; 3x AAA battery Keep Flashlight working for more than 5 hours
LED Quantity: 1x CREE XM-L T6 / 1x CREE XM-L L2
Made of high quality anodized aluminum alloy extremely scratch-proof and corrosion resistant.Internal Wiring Applies the High Efficient Booster Circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.Ultra-deep trench structuresi 
Best suited for: diving, camping, hiking, trekking, hunting, fishing, car emergency.
Note: Please avoid exposure directly to your eyes and remember to take out the battery if no use for long time.
Choose the product of the 6 reasons
1.Temperature protection
Joined the thermistor and temperature control mechanism, indeed The lithium battery 
operates in a safe temperature range.
2.Short circuit protection
In the abnormal short circuit automatically protected, to prevent the motherboard and
Damage to the battery.
3.Reset protection
Add a reset circuit to handle when an exception occurs Condition leads to the product can not work properly Press the Power key to restore the normal work.
4.Input overvoltage protection
Through the OVP circuit processing, to prevent the input voltage Too high to avoid damage to the back-end circuit. Intelligent timely detection of output current when output current . When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is turned off and protected equipment.
5.Output overvoltage protection
Intelligent detection of the output voltage, when the output voltage . When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is turned off and the device is protected. Battery 
6. Overcharge and over discharge protection
Add special lithium protection device, effectively avoid Free battery overcharge and over, to prevent damage to the battery. Hardware-level battery over-current short-circuit protection , Fast response, blocking the battery circuit, the effective protection 

Specification :

2.Model Name:V5 / A100 / SK98 / S5 / (optional )
3.Quantity:1 PCS   
4.LED Emitter: XM-L T6   / XM-L L2 
5.Mode: 5-Mode (high - medium - low - sos - Strobe)   
6.Lamp Life:100,000 Hours   
8.Emitted Color:White Light   
9.Switch:Tail Cap Clicky/Clickie   
10.Lens: Convex Lens   
11.Case material:Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
12.Aluminum material  
13.Waterproof (Can be placed in the water for a short time, can be used in rainy days) 
Different :
Battery by :
V5 : suit foy 2x 18650 battery
A100 : suit foy 1x 18650 or 3 x AAA battery
SK98 : suit foy 1x 18650 battery
S5 : suit foy 1x 18650 battery
Suitable for:Camping, hiking, Backpacking, Hunting, Fishing, Auto Emergencies, and Home Repair etc.  

Note : The Flashlight not include any battery